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What are the implications elements of hot melt adhesive tackiness?


1. Heat source (construction temperature)

 Hot melt adhesive with different temperature, there will be a different viscosity;

Faulty temperature will affect its workability and adhesion strength.

2. Time (open time)

The hot melt adhesive can be used time also said that the opening hours. The hot melt adhesive (hot melt stickers) bonding, heat bonding cool and solidify as the temperature slowly decline after the glue, hot melt adhesive sticky will slowly disappear, and then curing. Therefore, to achieve bonding must be completed in time, and that is good hot melt adhesive open time must master.

3. Pressing force

 Have a certain focus on the pressure during the hot melt adhesive lamination; the large pressing force large can make hot melt adhesive open to expansion, the temperature is reduced faster curing faster, better adhesion strength.

4. The amount of adhesive

 Construction of hot melt adhesive, the amount of adhesive will affect the bonding strength, and therefore must be according to the adhesive need to consider the construction and the amount of adhesive of hot melt adhesive.

Are you hot melt adhesive manufacturers? Your products are their own R & D?

Ours is a professional scientific research and development of technology, proficient production process and improve the external sales channels for environmental protection as one of the hot melt adhesive production and research marketing, peer R & D experience, all products are based on customer and market demand, independent research and development. If you are ready to start experimenting with hot melt adhesive, or your requirements with your peers, and if you trust us, we will help you solve the problem.

How long is the shelf life of hot melt adhesive?

 Stored in a cool, dry environment and away from direct sunlight, the storage temperature should be below 35 ° C and away from fire and heat source, the hot melt adhesive of our company can be stored for 1-2 years.

Whether your product through the international environmental certification?

 All of our products have passed the SGS testing organizations, a number of international environmental certification. Such as: ROHS certification, PHA 18 EU, formaldehyde and other international environmental certification. The products are environmentally friendly products that comply with international standards. they are absolute security.

What is your payment?

 Our company is a professional hot melt adhesive manufacturers, all the products are sold by our own direct production, without any intermediate links, the price is far lower than the market price, in order to ensure the interests of the company, we only support the first payment after delivery (online banking remittance transfers) does not support cash on delivery or logistics collection, hope you understanding.

If the product is inappropriate, can we return the item?

 If you have objections to the product quality of the goods received, or feel that the use of the process that is not very suitable, for whatever reason, within one month from the date of your receipt, we can return or exchange (except customized products outside unconditionally).More than the prescribed time limit, in principle, does not return. Special situations can be resolved through consultation.

How to deal with if the product damaged or lost on the way?

 If your goods are issued a week later did not receive the goods, please contact with our sales in a timely manner. If we confirm with logistics verified and found that the goods had been lost, and we will give to redeliver. When you receive the goods, please carefully check the number and view the packaging, if we find the number of missing or damaged goods that affect the use, noted on the logistics of receipt (best to allow delivery personnel to sign the logistics alone), and keep the logistics alone, fax or scan to the company indicate damage to the specifications of the type and quantity of the products, or take pictures to send e-mail to our company, indicate the product specifications and the number, our companies will give reissued and replacement.

How can I know my goods have been issued?

 To ensure that every customer receives the goods on time, tracking cargo logistics situation in a timely manner .Our company dedicated customer service staff will arrange for the first time in your cargo shipment to text messages to remind your goods have been issued, and will also provide the appropriate way of delivery of the goods, the waybill number, tracking numbers, in order to facilitate the customers at any time about logistics dynamic.

Do you supply of hot melt equipment?

 Our company is an enterprise to provide a full range of hot melt adhesives services to the guests, including the knowledge and skills of the hot melt adhesive and hot melt adhesive machine. Therefore, we also provide hot melt equipment purchase to guests, and to provide our customers with the most professional equipment knowledge and technology to make the customer feel satisfied and comfortable.

What it takes to become your agents?

1, Whether your area already have agents?

2. Why select our company?

3, Your development plan is?

4, Your business philosophy is the same with us?

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