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Hot Melt Equipment Knowledge
Hot Melt Equipment Knowledge
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Cap with hot melt adhesive requirements and attention points

   Cap hot melt adhesive is mainly used for all kinds of bottle cap, cream cap emulsion cap, perfume bottle with aluminum cap for bonding plastic, the adhesion between the plastic with plastic. Due to the relatively small area of glue are generally small nozzle dispensing, therefore, require the use of hot melt adhesive construction should be smooth, not drawing, and at the same time have a strong adhesion.

Hot melt adhesive applied to all kinds of bottle caps adhesion between the plastic cover with aluminum, plastic with plastic.

   Cap with a hot melt adhesive is reversible, i.e. the high temperature that will melt, cooled and then solidified. Therefore, such a hot melt adhesive for high and low temperature sensitive, hot melt adhesive so that there will be winter rubber with summer rubber saying. Method of using only knows well the hot melt adhesive properties, in order to better use. So every March and April, September and October of the season when changing, especially the control of hot melt adhesive inventory, advance preparation or the effective communication, so as to ensure the quality of the products.

   Usually summer glue into winter, somewhat brittle, wring it easy to degumming, ensures glue on one side of material. If the winter into summer with glue, torsion resistance is not strong, is easy to be unscrewed, and material on both sides have glue.

   In addition, using hot melt adhesive when best to use continuously. The use of unusual time, lower the temperature to 120 ℃, the day after the operation is completed, please to add 1-2 block so as to decrease the temperature of cold glue.




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