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Hot Melt Adhesive Knowledge
Hot Melt Adhesive Knowledge
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Hot melt adhesive is a very personalized product, different adhesive materials, different construction mode and different application environment of the final product, the hot melt adhesive is not the same.

Hot melt adhesives in China started late, it is environmental protection product, convenient operation, high efficiency, more and more industry started using hot melt adhesive. So many customers reflect, they put their request to tell to the hot melt adhesive manufacturers, but many sales personnel are not professional, or research and development ability is not good, recommend hot melt adhesive products always does not reach the designated position, samples tested many times, did not solve their problems. Their clients, urging them to be shipped immediately, but the hot melt adhesive does not reach the designated position, do not meet the requirements of customers, and cannot give the goods, such light to compensate customers some loss, serious by other peers took business.
In particular, hot melt adhesive specifications, there are a lot of system, such as polypropylene, polyamide, TPR, all kinds of system has its own characteristics, hot melt is not all-purpose adhesive, so as to shorten the time, for customers to win a chance.

In this fast-paced era, time is the opportunity, time is money. Therefore, professionals can do not choose expensive, only choose the most suitable and able to step.




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