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Reactive hot melts will become the mainstream of the industry
Reactive hot melts will become the mainstream of the industry
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 Polyurethane reactive hot melts are solid adhesives that are melted prior to application.  They solidify to form a bond and cure with atmospheric and substrate moisture to form a product which will not re-melt.  This results in excellent heat resistance of the cured adhesive.

 Polyurethane reactive hot melts can be supplied with various open times and can cure to a rigid or flexible bond.

 Amongst others, reactive hot melt polyurethanes can be used for the following applications:

1. rigid insulated panels

2. structural insulated panels (SIP's)

3. truck panels

4. caravans

5. offsite construction

6. fabric lamination

7. PVCu profile wrapping

8. book binding

 The benefits of using a reactive hot melt include:

1. bonding a wide range of substrates

2. high heat resistance

3. chemical resistance

4. solvent free

5. single surface application

6. very little waste

7. fast throughput

8. structural bond



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